Where to start? Let's start at the beginning. One day I was not... And the next day suddenly I was. That day was 26th of July 1978. The little village of Predmeja hosted me for 15 years. After the sad goodbye from my village I hugged passionately a bigger village called Nova Gorica. Actually people told me I was studying something there, but I have to admit that the studying part slipped my mind. The truth is I had quite a great time.

OK. Did you follow my life till this point? It was not very difficult. The next stage of my life is happening currently in Ljubljana where I was studying Computer Science. As the majority of the Computer Science race I also wear glasses, I have a strange kind of humor and I don't stand hard life. The strange thing which makes me a lot different from the other members of this community and because of which I consider myself special is that I don't like Coca Cola or anything with bubbles :).

I have to tell you another thing. Maybe some things I wrote in these sentences are crap, but you have to meet me and I will tell you the whole story in details. Or if you will be too bored I will give you just a brief outline of my beautiful life.
Enjoy your selfs...
On the meaning of life (by Uros Cibej)

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